Harvesters Heaven

A place near Harpster Idaho where you can pick our organic produce to your hearts content!

Who we are:

We produce some of the highest quality produce that you can find in the state of Idaho.
All we ask is that you help us harvest it and we pass on the savings to you!

Here are some of the products we offer and the dates when these are usually available to pick:

Product Availability
Rhubarb May - June
Strawberries June
Cherries July
Plums July - August
Blackberries (thornless) August
Grapes September - October
Pears September - October
Apples September - October
Walnuts September - October
Raw Apple Cider January - December
Apple Juice January - December
Plum Juice January - December
Pear Juice January - December
Blackberry Juice January - December
Cherry Juice January - December
Juices are pasturized and are for animal use only.


Call us for an appointment!


144 Lynn Lane
Harpster, Idaho

Please do not come without an appointment.